• King Air C90 interior
  • King Air C90 interior
  • King Air C90 interior
  • King Air C90 interior
King Air C90 (BE9L)

The King Air C90, powered via two Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turbine engines has proven itself a fast, comfortable and popular aircraft for Charters throughout Southern Africa.

With seating configuration of between four and six passengers in very comfortable leather seats, its large oval shaped cabin offers a very “quiet” flight. This aircraft is ideal for a smaller group whose needs are to be positioned quickly and efficiently.

With cruise altitudes between 17 000 – 25 000 Feet, one is able to fly above the weather for a comfortable cruise to your destination. Our King Air C90 is configured with in a 4 Executive Style with the option of 2 additional passengers on rear seats, fitted Forward Mini Bar / Coffee / Tea area where Snacks and Drinks can be served!

King Air C90 - Performance Figures
Engines 2 x P&WC – PT6A-21 (550 SHP)
Max Cruise Speed 220 Knot / 407 KPH
Typical seating 2 Crew / 4 - 6 Passengers
Max Operating Altitude 30 000 Ft / 9 146 Metres
Take Off Distance (MTOW) 2500 Ft / 780 Metres (Sea Level)
Landing Distance (MLW) 1200 Ft / 380 Metres (Sea Level)
Rate of Climb (MTOW) 1800 Ft per Minute