• King Air interior
  • King Air interior
  • King Air interior
  • King Air interior
King Air B200 (BE20)

The King Air B200, powered via two Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turbine engines has proven itself a fast, comfortable and popular aircraft for Charters throughout Southern Africa. With seating configuration of between six and ten passengers, its large oval shaped cabin is the largest, most luxurious in its class and offers a very “quiet” flight.

Deeply contoured cabin chairs offer maximum support, with certain of our aircraft being equipped with on board DVD players for your enjoyment.

With cruise altitudes between 25 000 – 35 000 Feet, one is able to fly above the weather for a comfortable cruise to your destination.

Our King Air B200 can be configured with either a 6 Executive Style or 8 Commuter Style Seating Arrangement. It is configured with a Rear Toilet Area and a Forward Mini Bar / Coffee / Tea area where Snacks and Drinks are served in Crystal Glasses

King Air B200 - Performance Figures
Engine 2 x P&WC – PT6A-42 (850 SHP)
Max Cruise Speed 292 Knot / 541 KPH
Typical seating 2 Crew / 6 – 10 Passengers
Max Operating Altitude 35 000 Ft / 10 668 Metres
Take Off Distance (MTOW) 2 579 Ft / 786 Metres (Sea Level)
Landing Distance (MLW) 2 845 Ft / 867 Metres (Sea Level)
Rate of Climb (MTOW) 2 460 Ft per Minute